S.No Title  Download/Link
1. List of Registered centres under PC PNDT Act Download(1257 KB)
2. Notification Regarding Appropriate Authority (PNDT) Download(1264 KB)
3. PC & PNDT Amendment Notification 2011 Download(60 KB)
4. PC & PNDT Notification 2012 Download(4771 KB)
5. Details of District Advisory Committee Download(151 KB)
6. Public Notice in compliance of Hon’ble Supreme Court Order Download(1006 KB)
7. Registration of VETERINARY CLINIC under PNDT Act Download(848 KB)
8. Registration of CT/MRI/BScan clinics under PC & PNDT Act. Download(733 KB)

Registration of centers providing ECHO cardiography services under PC & PNDT Act

Download(692 KB)
10. Circular Regarding Mandatory of ID Proof Download(894 KB)

Clarification regarding use of Portable Machine


Download(1469 KB)